November 18, 2019


The new Basecamp Tours travel agency makes dreams come true,
and every trip is an unforgettable experience

November 13, 2019, Sofia. Many years of experience in the mountains, many places visited around the world, a love of travel, nature and an active lifestyle - this has led to the creation of Basecamp Tours ( - not just a travel agency, but a group of people ready to take everyone who desires beyond the paved paths, in the depths of the wild and the unknown. Basecamp Tours programs offer a variety of organized trips - in Bulgaria, Europe, Canada, Iran, Africa, Nepal, with different sports directions - skiing, alpinism, mountain running, diving, kitesurfing, snow kite.

The idea behind Basecamp Tours is to find, discover and share new and unknown places, new challenges and sensations. "We were always looking for the new, the different. 11 years ago, we created a chain of Basecamp mountain equipment Shops. The shops have become an emblematic place for people who love mountains, outdoor sports and adventures. Now we want to take everyone to places where the equipment that Basecamp Shop offers is at home. Let's share the emotions and places our team has found over the years, "says Basecamp Tours manager Darina Todorova. The agency welcomes everyone looking for a trusted adventure partner who is ready to test and expand their comfort zone. Offers in different categories of sports and travel offer different programs - for beginners, for experienced or for people determined to participate heavily in the creation of their adventure. In addition to travel, the agency will also offer various training and training programs.

The people who will take Basecamp Tours clients to the new adventures are professional guides with years of experience in the high and low mountains, discoverers, professionals in their field. One of the guides and a partner in the agency - Ivo Stoilkov, says "The agency is created by professionals, with many years of experience and traveled many kilometers in the mountains of Bulgaria, the Balkans and the world. Our ambition will be to innovate and to offer not very popular destinations, but also flexible enough to have a wide variety of programs for every taste and level. We pay particular attention to cross-country skiing and avalanche safety and consider this an important element of our mission. We will be waiting for you on the top of the Alps, Rocky Mountains or Himalayas ...
The Basecamp Tours team is driven by the desire to share their passion, love for nature and an active lifestyle with everyone ready for new sensations. With people ready to go beyond the paved paths and challenge themselves.