July 6, 2022

Which Rocky Mountain Bike is right for you?

Rocky Mountain comes from the birthplace of freeride: Vancouver’s North Shore. For the last 40 years, it has built mountain bikes designed to tackle the technical trails, big drops, and narrow skinnies nestled in the mountains of British Columbia. Its catalog of bikes covers everything from XC to Enduro, and even gravel. There are plenty of good reasons to own a Rocky Mountain, but how do you know which bike is right for you?

This overview is your guide to Rocky Mountain’s most popular models. Find out which riders fit with each bike so you can make an informed decision when buying your next bike.


Category: XC / Downcountry / Trail
Suspension travel: 130mm (front) / 120mm (rear)
Wheel size: 29” (27.5” for XS)
Frame material: Alloy or carbon

The Element is a do-everything race bike tailor-made for tough XC races that feature descents too rough for a pure XC bike. It’s been revamped for 2022 with 120mm of rear travel paired with a 130mm fork. The geometry is more aggressive with 30-40mm more reach in each size and a slack-for-XC 65.0-65.8° head angle.

Who it’s for: Marathon XC racers. Riders looking for a “downcountry” bike.


Category: Trail
Suspension travel: 150mm (front) / 140mm (rear)
Wheel size: 29” or 27.5”
Frame material: Alloy or carbon

If you’re looking for one mountain bike that does it all, the Instinct is Rocky Mountain’s solution. It splits the difference between the lightweight Element and Altitude enduro bike. This means it has enough travel to tackle gnarly trails while remaining efficient for climbs.

Who it’s for: Riders who want a “quiver-killer” bike that can do a bit of everything.


Category: Enduro
Suspension travel: 170mm (front) / 160mm (rear)
Wheel size: 29” or 27.5”
Frame material: Alloy or carbon

The Altitude is a purpose-built enduro racer and a proven winner. Even if you’re not into racing, the Altitude is the ultimate weapon for speed on steep and rough trails. The confidence-inspiring geometry and ample suspension travel let you push your limits.

Who it’s for: Enduro racers. Riders trying to attack descents as fast as possible


Category: Gravel
Wheel size: 700c or 650b
Frame material: Alloy

You can’t ride trails all the time, right? The Solo is versatile enough to chase the podium at your local gravel race or tackle a daily commute. The alloy frame has clearance for 700x40mm or 650bx2.2” tires and includes fender mounts so you can stay dry when the weather turns.

Who it’s for: Gravel riders.


Category: Kid’s full suspension
Suspension travel: 120-150mm (front) / 130mm (rear)
Wheel size: 27.5", 26", or 24"
Frame material: Alloy

Kids want to shred too! The Reaper is the real deal, bringing the burliness of a full-sized trail bike to a junior-sized package. It’s available in three wheel sizes and it uses modern geometry that will let your child charge down trails with more safety and confidence.

Who it’s for: Junior and youth riders progressing to more advanced trails.


Category: Hardtrail XC and Trail
Suspension travel: 130mm (front)
Wheel size: 29 x 2.6
Frame material: Alloy

The Growler proves that the secret order of hardtail trail shredders is alive and thriving. Sure, it’s got that classic hardtail profile. But 21st century touches across the platform reveal a future-proofed, instant classic. 29x2.6 tires for ridiculous grip.


Category: XC
Suspension travel: 120mm (front)
Wheel size: 5 x 2.4
Frame material: Alloy

Ready for camping trips with the family and the gravel paths of your neighbourhood. If you’re going to ride, ride in style.

No matter where your riding takes you, it’s hard to go wrong with a Rocky Mountain.

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